September 15, 2008

Greetings all,

In the last cut of “What’s On My Mind?” I reflected on the good work of PVCC faculty and staff in building community with new students. During my convocation remarks in August I reflected on four leadership themes that will guide my work this year – leadership for: student success, community building, bringing learning alive, and positive social change. Today I’d like to comment on the reason why we are all here – student success.

Several weeks ago, while reviewing a number of operational issues with Sue VanBoven, she casually mentioned how important it is for the college to all be working towards the same outcome. While neither of us had to say outright what she meant, we both knew – student success. So in the midst of air conditioning outages, adapting to SIS, and the general chaos of startup, here are some examples of leadership for student success made real!

I wandered by Patri Mays’ office and learned that she was taking charge of a newly revised assessment plan for all of the CIS 105 sections – an assessment strategy that would truly help us learn what students were learning and ways to make the learning experience even better. Later that day, I overheard David Barney, PVCC cross country coach, while meeting with his athletes under the shade of a large tree on central campus talking about goal setting and his high level of expectations for the training schedule. At the end of the week, Hank Mancini showed me his lookout over the building site of the new life sciences building. I left my conversation with Hank not so much impressed with the progress of the newly poured footings, but his genuine excitement about the student learning that is sure to occur in the creatively designed student pods jutting from the east side of the building. I know there are many, many other examples of leadership for student success – my thanks to all of PVCC for keeping this at the forefront even during start-up.

In the next issue of “What’s On My Mind?” I’d like to catch up on the recent good work we have been doing related to external community building. As a teaser, I’d be remiss not to comment on the 4th Annual Puma Golf Classic. First of all thanks to the entire Athletics Department for their stellar work in organizing the event and to all of the PVCC faculty and staff who played and contributed. It looks like the net income for student scholarships will be at least $10,000. And yes, Mr. Patterson’s previous reporting of my foursome’s finish is true and admittedly I was the weak link, never the less supportive of the team of Ken Clarke, Corey Loucy and Andy Helman.

Have a great week.


Paul Dale sgnature
Paul Dale, Ed.D.
Interim President