September 26, 2008

Greetings all,

Welcome to the third cut of “What’s On My Mind?” Hopefully by now the intro is reading like a “broken record” in terms of reiterating the themes that are collectively guiding our work this year – leadership for: student success, community building, bringing learning alive, and positive social change. After I touch on a number of quick updates, I will reflect on the work we have done to date with external community building.

Quick Updates

A critical component of leading towards student success is sharing a common language and common understanding of what student success looks like. It is equally important that elements of student success be explicitly communicated to students. Our Agenda for Student Success can be found at – just click on the iLean icon. Thanks to Rick Vaughn for championing the addition of the general education learning outcomes (in student friendly language) to the Agenda. Our collective work to tie these success outcomes into our teaching and learning practice is very much appreciated.

Last Friday, the first College Leadership Council meeting was held. This year, CLC will feature a conversation format (as suggested by Mark Milliron in his convocation remarks). Each month a critical college topic/issue will be discussed. Watch for more information.

Twenty-five PVCC faculty and staff are currently enrolled in the MOSAIC diversity and inclusion training held here at the college. We have completed the first two of six sessions. The group is highly energized and engaged. Our participation in MOSAIC addresses a number of our diversity and inclusion goals. To see the goals go to the link at

Kudos to Paul Sunder for an excellent fire science program presentation at Tuesday’s District Governing Board Meeting, and to David Rubi for bringing the Arizona Language Association Conference to PVCC.

External Community Building

Over the last eight weeks, the college leadership has embarked on planned outreach to the community. We no longer have the luxury of waiting for the community to come to us. We must go out and tell our story FTF! Here are the types of events that PVCC now has regular representation: city of Phoenix Paradise Valley Village and Desert View Planning Committees, Vice Mayor Neely’s monthly breakfast meetings, Greater Phoenix and North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce events, and Foothills Community Foundation events. I have also met individually with the PVUSD and CCUSD Superintendents, Vice Mayor Neely, and representatives from Northern Arizona University. Finally I have presentations scheduled for both PVUSD and CCUSD Board meetings in order to share with these communities our wonderful partnership success stories. If you would like to participate in any of these events please feel free to contact me.

In the next issue of “What’s On My Mind?” I’d like to catch up on the recent good work we are doing related to PVCC living our vision of positive social change.

Have a great week.


Paul Dale, Ed.D.
Interim President