Fall 2013 Budget Update Number 1


As fall semester begins, I’d like to share with you some current information about our 2013-14 academic year budget and other initiatives of importance.  Paradise Valley Community College is entering a time period that will require us to be responsive, flexible, and extremely focused as we navigate a changing financial and budget climate.  This is the first of several updates to be shared during the fall semester.

Student Success Initiatives:  The Maricopa Community College’s primary focus is to demonstrate progress on the Student Success and Completion Agendas. A significant One Maricopa approach approved by the District Governing Board is to achieve a 60/40 Residential Faculty to Adjunct Faculty ratio target.  For Paradise Valley Community College, the net gain was SIX additional full-time residential faculty positions.  Dr. Mosley is working directly with the faculty staffing committee to recommend disciplines to fill these positions permanently for the fall of 2014. Additionally, under the auspices of the Student Success Initiative (SSI), our Student Affairs division received a permanent budget allocation of $101,000.  Dr. Miller Holst is developing a written plan that will institutionalize these new funds in a very focused manner to support new student orientation and academic advising.

Black Mountain Site:  Our Black Mountain site, a partnership with the Desert Foothills YMCA and the Foothills Community Foundation (FCF), has shown notable enrollment growth this fall semester. In July the District Governing Board provided conceptual approval for the next building phase. Dr. Mosley, and Mr. Herman Gonzalez, our new Vice President of Administrative Services, are leading the planning for the construction of the Integrated Learning Building.  The 14,000sf building will house Life and Physical Science laboratories, state-of-the-art astronomy facilities, and lab/lecture classrooms.  This $10M project will conclude our 2004 General Bond commitment and major construction projects.

Sustainability:  Sustainability represents the awareness that our choices, actions and practices affect the well-being of the next generation. It underscores a commitment to global stewardship of resources and a pledge to carbon neutrality by 2025.  In 2011, all of the Maricopa Community College presidents signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.  In response to our obligations from the Climate Commitment, we took a major step this fiscal year as we committed $50K (from carry forward funds) for all sustainable activities throughout the campus.  Herman Gonzalez will lead our sustainability team to work with the community, students, and staff to bolster our commitment in a meaningful way.

Next week, I will address the state of the FY15 budget planning.