Welcome to Summer 2018


Welcome to the start of summer and the beginning work to prepare for an outstanding upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. With the official end of our 30th Anniversary celebratory year, 2018-2019 marks the first year of new excellence as we begin the next 30 years of excelling as a learning-centered college.

During our end-of-year all-employee gathering, I shared a number of projects that we will engage in during this “summer of building for the future.” These projects are noted below.

Shaping our Spaces

  • Renovation of 10,000 sq ft of Q for the new Integrated Health Services Center
  • Enhancement of student spaces in the E Building and further visioning for an integrated learning center
  • Improvement of the outdoor learning spaces in the G,H, K Courtyard

Building our Team

  • New faculty hires: Nursing, Biology, English, General Business, CIS, Engineering/Physics
  • Re-establishing our marketing unit
  • Filling the vacant Director of Development position

Building and Strengthening Programs

  • Continued work on Guided Pathways and alignment with Puma Pathways
  • Further work on Critical Thinking Academy
  • Re-introducing the pre-engineering program
  • Enhancing our Student Success Initiative targeting new students
  • Addressing critical educational attainment equity gaps

Additionally, during our all-employee meeting, I recognized several faculty and staff as recipients of the Puma Pin award

  • Terri Siemer – for her outstanding leadership of the custodial team
  • Jon Storslee – for his service as Faculty Senate President 2016-2018
  • Carolyn Miller – for her service as classified staff representative 2016-2018
  • Ellen Hedlund – for her leadership of the college’s 30th Anniversary celebrations
  • John Douglass – for his long-term leadership of the Honors program and work with undergraduate research

While the summer of 2018 will be focused and productive on the work at hand, I ask that all of us find time this summer to maintain life balance and carve out time to relax, refresh and re-energize.