It is all About Learning!

Under the shared leadership of Dr. Doug Berry, Professor Michelle Carter and Dr. Julie Lazzara, we are in the final stages of completing our Higher Learning Commission Assurance Report, a critically important step in maintaining our accreditation as part of the Open Pathway process. Publicly the default and simple answer as to the importance of accreditation has historically been: we need to do this in order to receive Title IV financial aid and so our credits will transfer.

Allow me to offer a more important and profound reason for maintaining our accreditation – “It is all about learning!” Here is the evidence to support this argument: 1) PVCC’s Indicators of a Learning-Centered College are perfectly aligned with HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation; 2) both the Indicators of a Learning-Centered College targeting learning outcomes and assessment and the HLC Criteria on Teaching and Learning and Evaluation and Improvement, if fully executed, dramatically increase the probability that students will be active and engaged learners; and 3) PVCC has always embraced a systems approach to learning and success (i.e. the interdependency and necessity of all college functions to ensure student learning and success) and this approach is also validated and required by the HLC Criteria.

This weekend it has been my privilege to review the current draft our Assurance Report and read first-hand of the evidenced-based narrative that demonstrates PVCC’s continued success in meeting the components of each of the Criterion. Why? Because it is all about student learning/success and isn’t that the “why” of our work. Please join me in thanking Doug, Michelle, Julie, Criterion co-chairs and all of the supporting faculty and staff for their collective good work to successfully complete our Report.  Additionally, please join me in thanking John Snelling for his long-time and tireless work as our Accreditation Liaison Officer. A “job well done” to all.