Leadership Themes 2019-2020

The days of summer “down time” are long gone! College leadership teams have had a very busy six weeks since commencement engaging in: finalizing new faculty hires, enhancing the campus ecology, engaging in the president’s leadership planning retreat; presenting at the HLC persistence and Completion Academy; sending a team to the League for Innovation Learning Summit, and preparing to send a team to the ASU Summer Institute for Educational Systems Leadership. In all cases, I am very pleased with the high levels of engagement from both the faculty and staff ranks.

Four PVCC leadership themes for 2019-2020 have emerged from these activities: 1) a renewed focus on the student experience; 2) redefining our organization around innovation; 3) creating conditions for employee engagement and success; and 4) strengthening our local impact through positive social change.

To these leadership themes/ends, I encourage you to take some time this summer and immerse yourself in the following resources:

How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek discusses the importance of the “why” as the foundation for the “what” and the “how” of an organization

The Life-long Learner – Bernie Dunlap reminds us that life-long learning really can change the world for the better

Awe – Jason Silva emphatically speaks to the “Power of Learning”

It will be apparent that messages in each of these three videos connect back to the vison of PVCC

As we prepare for fall semester start-up, I want to provide you an early alert that Convocation 2019 will be dramatically different and engaging as we catalyze these leadership directions. Watch for more Leadership Updates throughout the summer.