2019-2020 Leadership Update #3

Our third leadership theme for the 2019-2020 year is “creating conditions for employee engagement and success.” As we know, learning is an inherently social process and PVCC has a long standing commitment to organizational learning – both endeavors requiring authentic employee engagement. Perhaps more importantly, it is time to re-commit to the human relations aspect of our work (respect, trust, kindness, transparency, conversation, etc.).

To these ends, look for the following activities to positively address employee engagement:

  • Re-constitution of formal classified staff policy group representation,
  • Enhanced new employee orientation and on-boarding,
  • Re-deployment of the College Leadership Council (CLC) as the Pathway to Student Success Team,
  • Expanded leadership roles for faculty in college-wide initiatives,
  • More thoughtful employee recognition and appreciation, and
  • Improved internal communications.

Next week, I’ll finish this leadership update series with comments on our fourth leadership theme “strengthening our local impact through positive social change.”