PVCC Faculty and Students Shine on a National Stage

One of the joys as a college president is to see PVCC faculty and students shine on a national stage. Over the past several days at the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) conference in Newport Beach, I’ve witnessed just that.

The Maricopa Community Colleges, as a system, have been designated by NACCE as the Student Engagement Center of practice with much of the impetus for this designation coming from the faculty leadership at PVCC. As a result of this designation, Club Z students have been featured several times throughout the conference, including a session presentation, a booth in the exhibit hall (where our students are selling Club Z shirts), and called upon to make a special presentation at a general session.

Please join me in acknowledging and recognizing Caron Sada, David Bradley, David Pegram, Jon Hayashi, Sheila Beeler, Kishore Dash, and Sean Petty for their engagement and representation at NACCE. A special recognition also to Caron, David, David, Jon, and Sheila for an excellent session presentation. I am appreciative of this faculty leadership in support of student engagement and success.

Also join me in congratulating our students: Matt Granillo, Krista Calderon, Jack Brown, Amanda Cloud, Makil Barnes, and Makylee Barnes for their confident presence and engagement throughout the conference.

Learning is alive at NACCE!