Launching Spring Semester 2020

On Saturday we officially launch Spring Semester 2020. For many students their learning journey continues and for several thousand students, this will be their first experience as a Puma. A hallmark of PVCC has always been one of a welcoming and relationship-rich learning environment, so with the beginning of this semester, let’s re-affirm this culture with our Puma Commitment where we: Engage, Challenge, Support and Care for our students (and each other). The first step towards student success is a genuine and authentic feeling of belonging.

There has been much effort across the college in preparation for this semester. My deepest thanks and kudos to all the staff that have worked tirelessly to guide and assist students through the enrollment process – whether at the Welcome Center or across the campus at each and every division. Additionally, join me in thanking the grounds and M and O teams for preparing the campus facilities so that PVCC’s beauty shines. Faculty energy and positive anticipation for engaging with students is also evident. Yes, we are ready!

While we engage with the rituals of the beginnings of a new semester that can often be transactional in nature, I ask that we all find time to set strong foundations of relationship building, challenge students to affirm (or discover) their “why” for being at PVCC, and create the conditions in which students both want to actively learn and believe that they have the ability and capacity to learn.

Best wishes for the very best semester