Reflections from the College Advance

Greetings All,

As we move into Spring Break week, I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly reflect on the College Advance held last week when the focus was on transforming the student experience through a more active and engaged teaching and learning approach. Faculty colleagues from Front Range Community College, Eric Salahub and Kerri Mitchell led the interactive and engaging session that both challenged and affirmed our shared beliefs and practices around learning.

Eric and Kerri acknowledged that active and engaged learning has been a best practice since the days of John Dewey and at the same time confessed that a transition to an “all out” active and engaged pedagogy requires a significant amount of work and effort. Coincidently, from the student’s perspective, isn’t this the same thing we are expecting from them “…a significant amount of work and effort!”

An overriding organizational purpose of the College Advance was to “set the stage” for a significant college initiative foundational to our daily and important work as a learning-centered college. This semester, the College will finalize our Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Quality Initiative proposal that will most likely focus efforts to improve student performance (and close equity gaps) in selected gateway courses. In preparation for the Quality Initiative, this summer, opportunities will be made available to faculty and staff to further develop and deliver teaching and learning strategies to improve student learning.  Watch for more details soon.

I wish you all a relaxing and refreshing spring break and look forward to the collective re-engagement of students as active learners as we finish strong through May.