PVCC’s Future – Thinking, Planning and Acting

It is hard to believe that we entering our sixth week of virtual teaching, learning and working with the end of the semester May 8, 2020 just two weeks out. I continue to think daily about the health and wellbeing of all of you. I have several important college updates today.

Last Wednesday, over 190 faculty and staff participated in our virtual All-College meeting during which time we engaged on the topic “What will PVCC look like as we transition and move beyond the pandemic?” Panelists Dr, Kishore Dash, Dr. Michel Marion, Professor Tatum Voeller and student Camila Olave-Rodriguez provided an insightful overview. This was an incredibly important conversation as the college continues to transition through the pandemic and prepare for fall and spring semesters. You can watch a recording here. (meeting password 5Bb6gqvy)

Last week, we also “kicked off” the Futures Think Tank/Task Force comprised of over 25 faculty, staff and students. The overall purpose of the task force is to “Ensure that PVCC is accessible to all students, relevant, organizationally sustained, and thriving while transitioning through and beyond the pandemic.” Outcomes of the Task Force include:

  1. Identify the predominant set of student needs/characteristics as we transition through and beyond a world-wide pandemic.
  2. Develop and test 3- 4 course delivery models that maximize student access and success.
  3. Create a prototype model for the types of services and environmental characteristics that will attract and retain students at PVCC as we transition through and beyond a world-wide pandemic.
  4. Create an inventory of skill sets that will ensure faculty and staff success while transitioning through and beyond a world-wide pandemic.
  5. Identify all potential organization and environmental opportunities and risks.


Futures Think Tank/Task Force work groups are being formed for the following topics:

  • Post COVID-19 societal norms
  • Student needs/characteristics
  • Faculty and staff needs and skill sets
  • Course delivery models
  • Organizational environment (including risks)


If you are interested in serving on one of the work groups, please contact Ms. Lori Espinoza with your first and second choices.

Also, in preparation for the future, on Wednesday, April 29 at 12:30 p.m. the All College meeting will address the status of the PVCC 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. Significant work has gone into the planning process and as we prepare to finalize the plan your input is important.

Lastly, today, we launched the “Stay Home. Go Far.” Summer 2020 campaign. In addition to 50,000 postcards being sent to households with those who indicated they have high school, some college (or no college) that are within a 20-mile radius of our campus, we also purchased ads on Facebook and Instagram (also known as “paid social”) for two different audiences. Watch for more news soon on additional outreach efforts.

Take care and continue to be well.