Summer Update #3

All-College Meeting –   Please join me for our next all-college meeting on Tuesday, June 23 at 2:30 p.m.  The agenda will include: a) Featured faculty and staff highlights from summer 2020 (hearing directly from your colleagues), b) Overview of student success initiatives for Fall 2020, c) A brief update on the Futures work group, and d) Next steps – Diversity and Inclusion Action Team.

Return to On-Campus Work – Again my deepest thanks and appreciation to our “essential” staff members who have been working on campus for the last fourteen weeks keeping our facilities and infrastructure in fine working order. Additionally, my thanks to the faculty, staff and Occupational Program Directors who are now leading and delivering the completion of our remaining spring courses requiring in-person activities. As a reminder, living and working during a pandemic requires a new set of life skills and safe work practices. Please see our RTW website for a reminder of our shared work expectations.

Futures Think Tank/Work Group – Draft reports from the five work teams (course delivery, student needs, faculty and staff skills, organizational risks, new cultural norms) have been reviewed by “critical readers” and are moving to final completion. I’ve read the drafts and the summaries of the reviews and am impressed with the findings. If PVCC is to remain relevant and viable as we transition through and beyond the pandemic, we absolutely need to take heed and implement the recommendations coming forward. Watch for more details soon.

Diversity and Inclusion Take Action Team – Under the leadership of Dr. Versha Anderson and Dr. Norma Chandler our Action Team is taking place. I encourage you to consider joining the Diversity and Inclusion Take Action Team. The intent is to have an overall plan to present to the college in August. I am pleased with the renewed energy and commitment to build on the prior good work around closing equity gaps and our diversity and inclusion goals.

Fall Enrollment Status – We are now 10 weeks out from the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. As of today, compared to last year at this time, our headcount is -25% and our FTSE is -29%. To put these numbers in context, the range of the other MCCCD colleges (excluding Rio) for HC is -12% to -29% and for FTSE -19% to -33%. As you know, PVCC is addressing our fall enrollment on two fronts: retention of our currently enrolled students and the pursuit of new student markets. I am excited about the strategies that we are implementing and look forward to enrollment improvements as students move closer to making college-going decisions after the July 4 weekend.

Acknowledgement of Individual Good Work – Please continue to use the Puma Praise to let your peers and colleagues know how much you appreciate their individual contributions. The Puma Praise can be completed remotely, simply follow the directions to activate VPN access (click on the icon next to the Puma Praise link).

Self-care – Please know that I think and reflect on your safety and self-care on a daily basis. We are all having to learn and manage living in this pandemic world. Your health and safety is our driving guiding principle. At the same time, I trust the science that has demonstrated that if we strictly adhere to the guidelines around: wearing face coverings, social distancing, sanitizing and cleanliness, and self-screening we can serve students in a safe environment. With that said, I am also aware of the volume and pace of work in the remote environment and that feeling of constantly being “at work.”  So please take care and find that life-work balance that works for you.