Spring Convocation 2021 Follow Up

As we begin our Spring 2021 Semester of classes and close out our Week of Learning,  we wanted to deliver on our promise to share some of the highlights from our Spring 2021 Convocation.
Our theme for the Convocation was Celebrating Our Success:  Learning Through the Pandemic.  A renewed focus on the power of learning and positive social change was featured along with the sharing of many examples of Learning Through the Pandemic  through books, articles, reports, and videos. Closing out Convocation and launching us into Spring 2021, was a special video message (linked below) from the Honorable Senator Mark Kelly .
In order to continue with collaborative organizational learning, the flipgrid site is open for you to record your learning nuggets https://flipgrid.com/04b48db8.
Listed below are the resources supporting the Convocation content for your perusal and reflection.

Resources From My Comments.

“Higher Education in a Time if Insurrection” 1/07/2021
“College Share the Blame for Assault on Democracy”  1/08/2021

Guide to Critical Thinking by Linda Elder and Richard Paul
Thinking Thoughtfully – A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking  by Walt Thielen
Powerful Partnerships – A Shared Responsibility for Learning
Convocation Content Resources
FOI Education by Meggin Kirk
STEM FOI – Learning in the Pandemic by Casey Durandet
Honorable Senator Mark Kelly
Convocation Assessment link.  https://forms.gle/mE56Xd44TbzLMUbg7
As a learning-centered college the dialogue and discussion will continue throughout the semester. You are cordially invited to participate – watch for details in the Daily Growl.