The Future of PVCC Message #2

In my last leadership message, I recapped the challenges that faced us as we maintained continuity of teaching and learning during the pandemic and the opportunities that the Futures work presented us moving forward in terms of innovation.

Today, I want to address the importance of each of you and acknowledge the realities of the personal and professional strains that this pandemic has caused in your daily lives. Please know that I am cognizant and thankful of the “heavy lifts” that all of you make everyday to ensure student access, learning and success. It is also important to point out that PVCC has vacancies in several critical executive leadership roles which has created additional challenges. I am also keenly aware that change and innovation does not happen by chance and does not happen without significant commitment to taking care of each other.

As we move to further institutionalize the Futures work and move the recommendations into our daily leadership routines, it is my intent that the implementation of retooled, new and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and student/academic support will be done in the context of the realities (stresses, strains, as well as new thinking and optimism) of our roles on campus.

Between now and August, I commit that college leadership will lead proactively through change by constantly asking and acting on  the following queries: 1) What do you, our students, and community want/need/expect as PVCC emerges from the pandemic?, 2) When do we create space so that your voices are heard with objections/concerns and provide responses that allow for understanding?, 3)  How do we ensure that you will understand the personal consequences of not changing and talk candidly about this?,  and 4) How do we support you to be successful in the midst of change?

Thanks for taking a few minutes to connect with this message. My next leadership message will touch on what I believe to be critical if PVCC is to emerge from the pandemic as a more accessible, relevant, sustainable and thriving college.