A Fruitful Week

This has been an especially fruitful week for Paradise Valley Community College – the thoughtful and enthusiastic work towards the accomplishment of our three strategic priorities continues in earnest. Below are a number of updates.

At Tuesday’s MCCCD Governing Board meeting two important PVCC initiatives were approved:

  • $2m funding for the KSC/E Building renovation project. In order to implement the outcomes of Guided Pathways (case management academic advising, front-loading career exploration, expanded student engagement activities, etc.) office space needed to be renovated and expanded. I am also pleased to share that one of the TACT recommendations – the addition of a Multi-Cultural space will also be incorporated into this project. Additionally, in support of prior recommendations, the CTL will be moving to the E Building. My thanks to Loretta Mondragon for her tireless work on this project. Further updates will be provided at Monday’s All-College Meeting.
  • the renewal of our First-Things-First Early Childhood Education professional grant. Under the leadership of Professor Christie Colunga, PVCC has been awarded funds for the fourth year of a five-year grant from First Things First. In this 4th year, PVCC will provide varied professional development opportunities for the Early Childhood Development Workforce in the First Things First Phoenix North Region by establishing learning seminar series and communities of practice during the grant period. Each professional development opportunity will be eligible for college credit when appropriate. Early Childhood professional leaders will be employed to provide training with PVCC Early Childhood Program faculty and staff also facilitating the professional development. 


Under the leadership of Dr. Keith Kelly and Mike Ho, progress continues on the full implementation of the Fields of Interest with further professional development and preparation for expanded student engagement. 

Return to In-Person learning and working – on Tuesday, June 29, college leadership will continue conversations with employee senate representatives on the implementation of the Remote Working Policy with the primary shared interest that we will support an immersive, in-person student learning experience. I am very pleased that on July 6 a full slate of student and academic support functions will be open for in-person access for students and on August 9, all outward facing functions and services will be open for in-person student access. 

Center City College Collaboration – over the past year, efforts to establish service and programmatic collaboration between the four MCCCD colleges located in the City of Phoenix (PVCC, PC, GWCC, SMCC) have been expanded. A number of exciting initiatives have emerged including Phoenix Work4orce – a shared workforce development effort; future cross-listed courses across the colleges, and exploration of co-located programs. Watch for more details soon.

Emerging as a more accessible, relevant and thriving college – the charge of the Futures work is more important than ever as we prepare for fall 2021. See page four of the Futures Report for a clear roadmap. Please join me as we continue to implement the Futures recommendations.

Take care, stay healthy and I look forward to seeing you on campus soon.