PVCC’s Directions with Clarity

On occasion while talking with faculty and staff I hear comments such as: “I am not sure where PVCC is going.” or “What are the most important outcomes PVCC is focusing on?” Clearly these comments and questions cause me to pause. Allow me to reiterate, with clarity, the three most important beacons for PVCC: 1) bringing learning alive as a learning-centered college; 2) achieving our student success outcomes, and 3) enacting positive social change.

Simply stated – active and engaged learning is the single most important factor that leads to student success (i.e. degree/certificate completion and transfer, success in gateway courses, and success course by course) that then elicits putting learning into action by making our communities better (addressing social issues, economic and social mobility). Please take some time to review our student success targets (found on the link above). As we transition out of the remote nature of the pandemic into a vibrant, immersive and in-person student learning experience, let’s re-commit to these three directional beacons. 

College Updates:

As promised, here is the PVCC Return to In-Person Learning and Working Plan. The plan will be updated throughout the summer , in the meantime, please reach out to your immediate supervisor if you have specific questions.

Throughout the summer, I will continue to reference the work of the Futures group. Today a reminder of the intended outcomes – what are your thoughts in terms of progress and success? 

  • Identify the predominant set of student needs/characteristics as we transition through and beyond a world-wide pandemic.  
  • Develop and test 3- 4 new and innovative course delivery models that maximize student access and success. 
  • Create a prototype model for the types of services and environmental characteristics that will attract and retain students at PVCC as we transition through and beyond a world-wide pandemic.  
  • Create an inventory of skill sets that will ensure faculty and staff success while transitioning through and beyond a world-wide pandemic.  
  • Identify all potential organization and environmental opportunities and risks.


Through the months of May and June, under the leadership of Ivette Quintero, PVCC has hosted a number of on-campus, in-person enrollment activities with over 200 students participating. My thanks to the teams in Recruitment, Advising, Admissions, Testing and Financial Aid.

I wish all of you a restful and relaxing July 4th holiday weekend – and as a lifelong learner, also take some time to watch Danny Glover Reading Frederick Douglass’s speech on July 4, 1852.