Positive Anticipation – The Beginning of Fall 2021 Semester

As we begin Fall Semester 2021, I wanted to take this moment to wish you well and again offer my thanks and gratitude for the hard work each of you have done in preparation to “bring learning alive” for our students – for some this will be their first experience in college.

I ask you to pause and recollect your first day in college and given the current circumstances with the continued challenges around COVID-19 perhaps reflect on the extra angst our students may be experiencing. Let’s wow them with the Puma Commitment – engaging, challenging, supporting and caring. I am very excited for the 2021-2022 student experience at PVCC built around our Guided Pathways and Fields of Interest – surely our success and completion levels will continue to increase.

As we greet our students this week, let’s also remind ourselves that at PVCC, learning is a means to greater ends. As a reminder that our students are starting or continuing on a journey towards future opportunities, refresh on all the accomplishments and successes of our alumni.

We are prepared to “expect the unexpected” throughout the fall semester and will ensure that there is a safe learning and working environment.

Take care and stay well.