Keeping Our “Eyes on the Prize”

Greetings All,

As you are aware, PVCC was recently named by the Aspen Institute as one of the Top 150 community colleges in the nation. As I shared in a previous update, this distinction is driven by a quantitative review on a number of student success metrics. We are in the process of reviewing how PVCC compared to the Top 150 on these measures. Below is the first analysis.

First Year Retention Rates 3-Year Graduation Rates 3-Year Graduation Rates with Equity
National Community College Rate 54.7% 45.2% 39.6%
PVCC Rate 59.7% 56.3% 50.5%
Aspen Top 150 Median 61.5% 53% 45.2%

I share this information to give you a sense where we fall compared to over 1,000 community colleges nationally and how we rank against the Top 150 community colleges. This also serves as a reminder that these metrics are linked directly to our strategic priorities. Additionally, these measures tie directly to our Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Quality Initiative where our focus is on closing equity achievement gaps in gateway courses in English, science and math. 

As you are also aware, all of our student success targets include equity outcomes. The Postsecondary Value Commission recently released a study that looks at the impact of a number of socioeconomic factors on access and completion. Please set aside time to review. I am confident that your commitment to our equity agenda will be intensified when you see the persisting inequalities.

It is critically important that we constantly refresh with our “eyes on the prize” of PVCC being the college with a focus on active and engaged learning – the single biggest predictor of ultimate student success and completion. Your continued commitment to engaging, supporting and challenging students is greatly appreciated.

Watch for further narrative on our status as an Aspen Institute Top 150 Community College.