Spring Convocation 2021 Follow Up

As we begin our Spring 2021 Semester of classes and close out our Week of Learning,  we wanted to deliver on our promise to share some of the highlights from our Spring 2021 Convocation.
Our theme for the Convocation was Celebrating Our Success:  Learning Through the Pandemic.  A renewed focus on the power of learning and positive social change was featured along with the sharing of many examples of Learning Through the Pandemic  through books, articles, reports, and videos. Closing out Convocation and launching us into Spring 2021, was a special video message (linked below) from the Honorable Senator Mark Kelly .
In order to continue with collaborative organizational learning, the flipgrid site is open for you to record your learning nuggets https://flipgrid.com/04b48db8.
Listed below are the resources supporting the Convocation content for your perusal and reflection.

Resources From My Comments.

“Higher Education in a Time if Insurrection” 1/07/2021
“College Share the Blame for Assault on Democracy”  1/08/2021

Guide to Critical Thinking by Linda Elder and Richard Paul
Thinking Thoughtfully – A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking  by Walt Thielen
Powerful Partnerships – A Shared Responsibility for Learning
Convocation Content Resources
FOI Education by Meggin Kirk
STEM FOI – Learning in the Pandemic by Casey Durandet
Honorable Senator Mark Kelly
Convocation Assessment link.  https://forms.gle/mE56Xd44TbzLMUbg7
As a learning-centered college the dialogue and discussion will continue throughout the semester. You are cordially invited to participate – watch for details in the Daily Growl.

Welcome to Spring Semester 2021

Greetings All,

Welcome to Spring semester. I trust you all had a restful and safe holiday break as we continue to live, work and learn together during this time of the prolonged pandemic. Please know that I remain deeply thankful for your tireless efforts to support students and each other. We should be tremendously proud of a successful fall semester and the remarkable learning experiences provided to our students. With the arrival of 2021, it is now time to look forward.

As champions of a learning-centered college where all of our efforts are applied to creating conditions of active and engaged learning, I am ever more optimistic that through innovation, ingenuity, and sheer effort, together this semester we will continue to bring learning alive.

In parallel, as our nation continues to be challenged by civil/political unrest and violent dissention, oftentimes stoked by ill and uninformed reasoning, anger, hate, and the inability to discern truth from conspiracy, we must recommit to our role as agents of positive social change.Throughout spring semester, I encourage you to engage students at this level.

Please note the following college updates and alerts:

Spring 2021 ConvocationCelebrating our Success: Learning through the Pandemic” will be held on Tuesday, January 12, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. – please join me as we “kick off” the semester, continue to build community, and showcase/celebrate  the excellent work of PVCC faculty and staff.  Here is the virtual meeting link.

Quality Initiative – I am pleased to share that the Higher Learning Commission has approved our Quality Initiative (QI) proposal that will address closing attainment equity gaps in English, math and science gateway courses. This is a multi-year project that is an integral part of the Open Pathways accreditation process. I am excited about this work as it builds on the foundational work of Equity Now. Watch for a more detailed update soon.

Welcome to Dr. Sherri Ondrus to the PVCC leadership team – Dr. Ondrus has joined the PVCC leadership team on an interim basis (shared assignment between her district responsibilities as an AVC in Maricopa’s District Office Division of Academic and Student Affairs) to lead our Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning function. Her leadership background includes: service as MCCD Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Strategy, Research and Effectiveness (2011-2015); City University of New York—a public 24-institution system where she led assessment and institutional research at NYC College of Technology and served as an accreditation Peer Reviewer for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Also please join me in thanking Heather Stevens  as she moves on to Mesa Community College. Filling Heather’s role on an interim basis is Sara Michalski..

Futures and TACT work – During fall semester, we made notable progress on both initiatives as we continue to position PVCC to be accessible, relevant, sustainable and thriving as we transition through and beyond the pandemic. Project summaries can be found on the Re-imagining our Future site.

Open leadership roles – Over the course of the spring semester, several vacant leadership roles will be filled including the interim OSO career and technical education dean and the associate vice president for institutional effectiveness/planning/research. Additionally, we will continue to evaluate the efficacy of filling the vacant dean of student affairs and director of fiscal services positions.

Throughout spring semester we will continue regularly scheduled all-college virtual meetings. Eventually as the infection rate goes down and as the vaccination protocol ramps up in Maricopa County, I look forward to the opportunity to open the campus up to more in-person programs and services. 

Stay well.