COVID-19 College Update #3

Thank you – yesterday as I walked about campus for over an hour and interacted with faculty, division chairs, and staff, I was so pleased to hear in 100 percent of my interactions a sense of confidence, creativity, and commitment to ensuring that Spring Semester 2020 would continue, albeit in very difficult and unprecedented times. So my continued and deepest gratitude to all. Additionally, I know that student and academic support teams are fervently working to develop online, phone and other resources to serve our students. Lastly, I spent time with our M&O team who are doing a wonderful job in keeping our physical spaces clean.

Clarity – as I have stated many times, with each day, the changing local and system environments complicates and challenges our planning and delivery of courses and services. While I know that several messages have recently gone out, our leadership is hearing, in some cases, lack of clarity in direction. I promise that by the end of today, all current questions regarding the continuation of spring semester 2020 will be addressed. In the meantime, keep asking questions of your division chair, supervisor, and leadership.

Telecommuting – as we move into a 100 percent telecommuting (with limited essential staff on campus maintaining critical functions), extra effort will be devoted to creating an understanding yet productive learning and working virtual environment. Watch for more details from your immediate supervisor before the end of the week.

Self-care – please continue to take care of yourself and those around you. Simply stated – social distance and hand washing are the most effective ways to prevent the spread of any virus.

As we prepare to discontinue all in-person services on campus between March 20 and April 4, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities of living, learning and working in a virtual environment. I will be making myself available every day for both tele and video connection in a virtual “out and about” sessions.

COVID-19 College Update #4

Today, I’ll provide several quick updates and then leave you with a “long game” thought.

Communications – we are doing the best we can to consolidate communications coming from PVCC as well as ensuring that all of you are aware of what is being sent to students. As systemic issues arise, you can continue to expect getting updates from the Chancellor. Given that this total virtual world is new to us, please be patient as we “figure this out.”

Direct Access to Leadership – This week, I will be available on Wednesday, March 25 from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. through Google Hangouts.  Click this “Join Hangouts Meet”  or use the telephone to dial 1 (262) 563-8344 and then enter the pin number (892617290) followed by the # sign.

PVCC Shows Love – Thursday, March 26 from 1:00 pm. – 3:00 p.m., PVCC is hosting, in partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank, an emergency Food Box Distribution. Please alert interested students and community members.

Retaining our In-person Students – your collective efforts to reach out to our in-person students during this learning pause is very much appreciated. I can only imagine their angst and your personal touches make a huge difference. Thank you.

Thinking About our Shared Future –  Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a compelling piece in Sunday’s New York Times Review section from which I’ve contextualized her words for our local situation. She argued “We must mitigate the rising panic as we contemplate the possibility that millions of Americans will simply not have a paycheck as local economies shut down. We can also rediscover what is possible and what we are capable of as a {college}. We can use this crisis to create a better {PVCC.}” While I know that our current attention is on the stark realities of moving an entire in-person class schedule online, serving students in a virtual space, and moving the workforce to telecommute mode, collectively as time permits, let’s begin to place some of our intellectual capital to the future possibilities.

Be well.