COVID-19 College Update #6

Today as we “re-start” our in-person courses in the virtual space positively impacting thousands of PVCC students, I am grateful for all of the dedicated faculty and staff who made this happen. For the last three weeks, it has been a “head’s down, all-in” approach that resulted in all courses (except for several CTE skill-based courses) moving to the online environment.

Beginning next week, the President’s Leadership Team will begin to shift our attention away from operational/implementation issues to a more strategic position. We will begin with questions such as “What do students want from PVCC in a post COVID-19 environment?” “What are the varied scenarios we can expect when students, faculty, and staff return to campus and in-person delivery of teaching and learning.?” What should we expect in terms of enrollment for summer and fall in 2020, as well as spring 2021?” and “How do we make decisions going forward with the high level of environmental unknowns?”  During this time, I will be inviting additional faculty and staff to join in this conversation.

Operational Updates: a) it is likely that system-level decisions around summer school (i.e. online or in-person) will be made this week to allow for thoughtful preparation; b) distribution of laptops continue and will result in approximately 100 machines loaned to students in need; and c) significant efforts are being made across the college to proactively reach out to students to proactively offer assistance and support.

Student Emergency Fund:  Please join me in supporting our students by making a donation to the PVCC Student Emergency Fund, which will aid students who may be experiencing an immediate, unexpected and critical financial hardship, such as recent unemployment or a reduction in work hours, unanticipated childcare expenses, a new need for technology access at home to keep up with studies online, or basic necessities like food or shelter.

PVCC’s Diversity Award Winner: Join me in congratulating the Foster Champion Program led by Dr. Anne Suzuki, Lori Espinoza, Christine Berry, Viviana Jacques and Sam Garmen (District Office)

Next All-College Meeting – WednesdayApril 8, 20202:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.: Please join your colleagues online or over the phone. We’ll kick off the meeting hearing from several of our students.

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 Please take care.

COVID-19 College Update #3

Thank you – yesterday as I walked about campus for over an hour and interacted with faculty, division chairs, and staff, I was so pleased to hear in 100 percent of my interactions a sense of confidence, creativity, and commitment to ensuring that Spring Semester 2020 would continue, albeit in very difficult and unprecedented times. So my continued and deepest gratitude to all. Additionally, I know that student and academic support teams are fervently working to develop online, phone and other resources to serve our students. Lastly, I spent time with our M&O team who are doing a wonderful job in keeping our physical spaces clean.

Clarity – as I have stated many times, with each day, the changing local and system environments complicates and challenges our planning and delivery of courses and services. While I know that several messages have recently gone out, our leadership is hearing, in some cases, lack of clarity in direction. I promise that by the end of today, all current questions regarding the continuation of spring semester 2020 will be addressed. In the meantime, keep asking questions of your division chair, supervisor, and leadership.

Telecommuting – as we move into a 100 percent telecommuting (with limited essential staff on campus maintaining critical functions), extra effort will be devoted to creating an understanding yet productive learning and working virtual environment. Watch for more details from your immediate supervisor before the end of the week.

Self-care – please continue to take care of yourself and those around you. Simply stated – social distance and hand washing are the most effective ways to prevent the spread of any virus.

As we prepare to discontinue all in-person services on campus between March 20 and April 4, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities of living, learning and working in a virtual environment. I will be making myself available every day for both tele and video connection in a virtual “out and about” sessions.